Sam & Saam

Sam and Saam are two eight year old boys.
Sam is American whose father is from Iran.
Saam is Iranian.
They are stuck on a spaceship.
How did they get there?
How do they get back home?




"I have boys (ages almost 2 and 4 1/2) who love Sam and Saam! They were laughing out loud and wanted more."
-Jayron Finan, Mother, and Founder of Persian Preschool, New Castle, WA

"As a teacher of Persian language, I have to find appropriate material for teaching students with various language skills. Sam and Saam videos are very helpful for teaching young children. I play the videos during our class sessions and recommend them as a fun way of practicing Persian at home!"
-Bita Razavi, Founder of Austin Persian Lessons, Austin, TX




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